Edmonton Actors Theatre is an award winning theatre company dedicated to exploring work that showcases the actor’s art by producing bold, vital, and challenging work that examines the relationship between audience and performer.

Formed by Artistic Director Dave Horak in 2009 to focus on the actor’s art, process and training. This award-winning company produces theatre that challenges the performers and the audience and is constantly investigating the relationship between the two.

Past productions have included Fatboy, produced at the 2012 Edmonton Fringe which garnered four Sterling Award nominations, winning three awards for Outstanding Production, Actor and Director and remounted at Theatre Network’s Roxy Theatre in 2014 which garnered four Sterling nominations (Outstanding Independent Production, Outstanding Actor, Outstanding Supporting Actor, and Outstanding Costumes). Other productions have included Sam Shepard’s Cowboy Mouth, T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland, and The Bomb-itty of Errors which toured Alberta in the Spring of 2015 as part of Theatre Alberta’s Best of the Fringe series.

Edmonton Actors Theatre specializes in bringing a multitude of performance styles and traditions to the stage: Cowboy Mouth was performed by a real-life rock and roll couple, The Wasteland combined one of the most influential poems of the twentieth-century with twenty-first century technology and The Bomb-itty of Errors blended Shakespeare with some of Edmonton’s best Hip Hop performers.